Fear of Pro-Darwinist Intolerance

Noteworthy has been the effect of fear of the dominant and increasingly intolerant secular world-view, its unwillingness to accept contrary scientific developments, and thus - for those whose work tends to challenge Darwinism - a concern for personal reputations and careers, even for world-class scientists.

A century ago, Dr. C. Walcott, Director of the Smithsonian Institute, did the "unthinkable" for a paleontologist - he re-hid 60,000 fossils that he had just discovered in the Burgess Pass of the Canadian Rockies. Under a tropical sea 530 million years ago, the sand so fine, that soft tissue was preserved, the 60,000 fossils were the greatest find ever. Walcott, however, did not publish his findings and give them to the world, but hid them again in the Smithsonian's basement lockers (re-discovered by a graduate-student after almost a century.) He did so because the sixty-thousand first-ever fossils showed fully-formed creatures of all extant life forms - not a single missing-link or inter-step creature! The Burgess Pass fossils show that the fossil record does not support Darwinian theory. Walcott obviously worried that his findings could destroy even his reputation and career.

A bit later, even Professor Albert Einstein acted similarly in regard to his expanding universe Field Equations - subsequently confirmed by the Hubble astronomical observations. An expanding universe meant a "shrinking" universe as one considered the past. And without size limitation, Einstein's theory would therefore mean that the beginning of our universe was but a tiny speck - such a consideration was certain to evoke the concept of the biblical Genesis story, contrary to his own beliefs and the secular world-view of Darwin-Evolutionism - possibly ruinous to his career. Einstein, therefore, also did the "unthinkable" - he incorporated a "fudge factor" so his mathematical universe would be constant in size! After the irrefutable astronomical proof of an expanding universe, he admitted his action as "the biggest blunder of my life."

In present-day school systems, Boards of Education and courts, influenced by aggressive secularist ACLU et al, have established the classroom curriculum - teach only Darwin-Evolutionism. Teachers who do not go along are being expelled.

Pro-Darwin Scientists, Frank and Honest!

The objections by civic and school leaders to the teaching of Intelligent Design as an alternate to Darwin-Evolutionism theory, has resulted in a growing controversy, with a flurry of articles purporting to support the pro-Darwin court rulings. However, it is quite informative to read such articles by scientific authorities in the fields of relevance: biology, chemistry, biochemistry. paleontology, etc., and - despite the conviction by these intellectual elite that D-E is proven fact - discover the lack of such proof! Each progressive bit of knowledge of Life's origins acquired during the past two centuries seems to uncover only deeper mysteries. The escalating complexity of researcher's reports have become increasingly multifaceted. Listed below are quotes from pro-D-E scientists which highlight the fact that D-E is not proven fact and, in all probability, cannot ever be proven. (Adding to this, there is still the overwhelming mathematical improbabilities by scientists who challenge both an accidental origin and a Darwinian mutational development for life on Earth. Note. the compounding complexities of the research attempts and arcane hypotheses are presented in the source reference book; as also are the individually quoted scientist-authors)